Thursday, June 18, 2020

Sales Executive & Various positions - Alam Flora

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There is job opening today !
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Vacancies FY 2020 ;

1. Executive, Project Management (Northport)
2. Sales Engineer, Waste Management Facilities
3. Executive, Finance & Accounts
4. Executive, Sales & Business Development
5. Executive, GIS Programmer 
6. Executive, Facilities Management
7. Senior Executive, Talent Acquisition & Rewards (HOLD)
8. Manager, Project Management (HOLD)
9. Assistant Manager, Assets & Facilities Management (Dhes)
10. Manager, Asset & Facilities Management (Wisma DRB-Hicom) (HOLD)
11. Assistant Manager, Procurement
12. Supervisor, Legal & Contract Management
13. Plant Supervisor ( NortPort) Specializing in maintenance/repair (Facilities & Machinery)
14. Plant Technician (NortPort) Specializing in maintenance/repair (Facilities & Machinery)
15. Skilled Worker (NortPort) Facilities & Machinery operator
16. Executive, Operation Planning
17.Supervisor, Operation Planning
18.Supervisor, Ground Survey Unit

Source: Ak. Ikhwan Azirun Azhim @ Alam Flora

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