Wednesday, February 16, 2022

Various positions - Bank Negara Malaysia

 Bank Negara Malaysia is hiring! Want to be part of nation building?

We are looking for passionate about technology, you are who we are looking for.

Permanent Employment:

1. Security Strategy Performance Manager

2. Software Infrastructure Technology Manager

3. IT Automation Engineer

4. Ethical Hacking Specialist

5. Cloud Security Manager

6. Cloud Infrastructure Manager

7. Application Security Architect

8. Procurement Manager

9. IT Finance Manager

10. Incident Manager

Contract Employment:

1. Application Support Analyst

3. Security Technology Analyst

4. System Analyst (Email Admin)

5. Server Administrator (AIX)

6. Project Manager

7. Service Support Operation Analyst (EUCS)

8. Network Administrator

9. Data Center Analyst

10. System Analyst - EPKI

11. System Analyst - VDI

12. Contract Management Analyst

13. IT Asset Analyst


- CGPA 3.0 & above

- Degree with related experiences

Be part of our team to turn your passion into a career! Apply now!!! or sending your application to

Source: Siti Hawa Baharudin @ BNM

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