Wednesday, September 1, 2021

Administration Manager

 I am actively looking for an experienced and passionate Administration Manager to join our team.

Incumbent is required to have a Degree in any related studies and experience in administration. As an Administration Manager, you are responsible for managing and overseeing company's day-to-day administrative processes and efforts. Must have excellent communication and organizational skills and must be result-oriented.

Administration Manager duties and responsibilities:-

Plan, coordinate and manage all administrative procedures and systems

Allocate responsibilities and office space

Provide coaching and guidance to the Administration team.

Ensure the smooth and adequate flow of information within the company.

Manage schedules and deadlines.

Purchase new material as needed.

Offer solutions for improvement.

Monitor costs and expenses to assist in budget preparation.

Monitor office tenancy and equipment rental.

Oversee facilities services and maintenance.

Organize and supervise office activities.

Adhere to policies and regulations.

Malaysians who are interested please send your professional resume to me at

Source: Nazrullizra Mahmud Zuhodi @ Velesto Energy

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